How to lock Your Milwaukee Packout Boxes with Python Cable Locks

How to lock Your Milwaukee Packout Boxes with Python Cable Locks

Locking Milwaukee Packout Boxes is a simple process, but it's important to ensure that you have the right equipment to do it securely. In this blog post, we'll go over how to use Python adjustable cable locks to lock your Milwaukee Packout Boxes.

First, it's important to note that the maximum size lock you can use with Milwaukee Packout Boxes is 8mm in diameter. Any larger and the lock may not fit properly into the locking mechanism. Larger is more secure so we recommend the 8mm Python Cable Locks by Master lock - These allow you to push through the locking mechanism as well as secure it to your roof/object/mounting plate.

Another option is Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock however it will stop someone from physically taking your whole packout case, it just locks them from being opened. Use a Nut to remove any room for bolt cutters.

To begin, locate the locking mechanism on the Packout Box. It's a small, circular hole near the handle. Insert the cable lock into the hole, making sure that the head of the lock is on the inside of the box.

Next, adjust the cable to the desired length. The Python adjustable cable lock allows you to easily adjust the cable to fit around any object you want to secure. Simply pull on the cable to extend it to the desired length, and then use the thumb lever on the lock to lock it in place.

Once the cable is adjusted to the desired length, secure the other end to a stationary object. This could be a piece of furniture, a railing, or even another Packout Box. Make sure that the object is sturdy and not easily moved or tampered with.

Addicted to tools has a great video showcasing a few different options

And if you're looking to improve and customise your Milwaukee Packouts, be sure to check out Milwaukee Packout Mods and attachments. These products are designed to help you get the most out of your Packout system, and make it even more versatile and convenient to use.

In conclusion, locking Milwaukee Packout Boxes is a quick and easy process when you have the right equipment. Using a Python adjustable cable lock allows you to easily secure your Packout Box to a stationary object, keeping your contents safe and protected. And with the help of Milwaukee Packout Mods and attachments, you can take your Packout system to the next level.

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