Collection: OzRoo Tub Rack Mounts and Mods for Your Ute

At TradieMods, we've designed a variety of attachments and mounts specifically for the OzRoo Tub Rack to help make your camping trips even more convenient. 

One popular option is our awning attachments. These attachments allow you to easily set up a shaded area to relax in during those hot summer days. But what sets our awning attachments apart is that they are designed to correct the angle of your awning, ensuring that it goes out straight at 90 degrees instead of on an angle. This not only looks better, but it also helps to ensure that your awning is more stable and secure.

Another popular choice among campers is the Milwaukee packouts system. These durable storage bins are perfect for keeping all of your gear organized and easily accessible. But if you're planning on using your OzRoo Tub Rack to transport your Milwaukee packouts, you'll definitely want to check out our packout mods. These mods keep your packouts secure, allowing you to easily attach and remove them from your tub rack with ease.